My Microsoft TechEd NZ 2014 Experience

Day 0 I went to SkyCity with my registration confirmation email to collect my Microsoft TechEd NZ 2014 Delegate Pass and to my surprise every 100th registered person will get a gift. But I ain’t that lucky on that day, so I collected the usual stuffs as below; My Microsoft TechEd NZ 2014 Delegate goodies I’m not disappointed because it is still awesome to have a limited edition TechEd bag. Woohoo…
Day 1 Attended the not to be missed TechEd NZ 2014 Keynote @ Vector Arena with TechLive party for the very first time. For those who have missed the Keynote and wireless hot tub analogy from James Whittaker. Oh, you got to watch the Keynote video, it is really entertaining for a kick start of TechEd NZ 2014. Recap TechEd NZ 2014 Keynote Video below;

Oh, did I say the TechLive (Used to be TechFest) theme is Circus performances? Haha… It is really entertaining. (Hmmm… Let me see if I can post a YouTube video on one of the acrobatic show need where I was drinking Epic beer for you. BRB on an update on this post.)
Day 2 Day 2 of TechEd NZ 2014 is intense, rushing from session to session, crossing conference rooms to crossing between SkyCity Convention Halls to Crowne Plaza. For those who may missed some session or having crashed sessions in the timetable, no fear video recording is provided on every session as usual. Recap TechEd NZ 2014 Session Videos below;

Day 3 Day 3 of TechEd NZ 2014 is tiring, managed to grab some free coffee from CommVault booth to boost my morning prior to attending OFC311 session. But most importantly, I visited the HUB where all the participating vendors will have a booth in showcasing their technology or services. Oh, I also found a 3D printer in the Microsoft booth and actually printed my Microsoft souvenir. 3D Printer printing a 3D Microsoft word Recap TechEd NZ 2014 Session Videos below;

At the end of Day 3, I attended the Spark Digital TechEd celebration at TwentyOne in SkyCity. It is a fabulous night and got lucky in winning a Sony 4GB W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W273S for myself. Guess, its hinting me to start doing some swimming exercise to keep fit. Sony 4GB W Series MP3 Walkman NWZ-W273S
Day 4 Day 4 of TechEd NZ 2014 and the final day of TechEd NZ 2014, filling up session seats and learning is part of my job. As usual, I grab my free coffee this time from Fujitsu booth prior to attending DCIM322. The speaker gave very entertaining analogy of how an engineer patches multiple nodes cluster and why it is so painful which reminded me on how lengthy my SOP documentation for a cluster failover can be due to the fact that it wasn’t that simple. Hahaha… After that DCIM322 session, I filled out the session evaluation and to my surprise, I received a congratulation response for winning something. Hmm… Excited, I went straight to collect my gift from the SkyCity Concierge. Winning a Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard Awesome!!! Thank you, Microsoft for this All-in-One Media Keyboard. Recap TechEd NZ 2014 Session Videos below;

Last but not least… Thank You to Spark Digital in supplying all the sugar and rechargeable phone lockers in TechEd NZ 2014. Spark Digital Candy Booth for TechEd Delegates I do really enjoy this year TechEd NZ 2014 and it gets better each year. Hopefully, next year TechEd will be even better with a possibly of having insight on Windows 9. ;op Oops… Did I spill some speculation? That’s all, folks…