Show-Command Bug when using Run button in Windows Server 2016 TP5

Recently, I posted an article about using Show-Command on New-NanoServerImage cmdlet to easily construct the command with parameters input from the Show-Command prompt and found this additional ^M syntax characters at the end of the syntax when selecting the Run button.

Windows Nano Server - TP5 - BUG - Show-Command Run Button

If you have the same issue of having the additional ^M characters added at the end of the syntax, use backspace to remove the ^M characters and hit Enter return key.

My response to that?
As for my response to Microsoft, I have post a feedback regarding BUG: Show-Command – Additional ^M displayed at the end of the command when you select the RUN button on Windows Server 2016 TP5 at their PowerShell User Voice site so that they are aware of it.

For those who experience the same issue, please kindly post a comment or vote on here.

I hope that this is resolve on the Show-Command cmdlet prior to RTM. 🙂

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