Top Ten Reasons for participating in PowerShell Open Source Projects

Certificate of Appreciation for PowerShell Open Source Projects

This is my celebration post for being a Top Contributor to PowerShell Open Source Projects 2017, and receiving a certificate of appreciation from Jeffrey Snover @jsnover (Microsoft Technical Fellow and creator of PowerShell), Michael Greene @migreene (Microsoft Principal Program Manager) and Angel Calvo @ANGELCALVOS (Microsoft Director of Program Management for Azure Automation & Config Management – Community Lead for PowerShell OSS projects).

Besides saying a big Thank you for their recognition, I will also share my reasons and experience participating in them.

Top Ten Reasons for contributing to PowerShell Open Source Projects:

  • To improve the PowerShell code or documentation
  • To gain competitive advantage among developers
  • To support Open Source values
  • To help create and maintain industry Open Standards
  • To enhance PowerShell usability to wider end-user audience
  • To further your career and improve your skill
  • To work together for a common cause
  • To exposure yourself to a boarder global community
  • To give back to the community
  • To have fun, interact with other developers and freedom to innovate

In term of my experience in this journey, I gain quite a lot of fruitful experience in using GitHub, improving PowerShell code with other likeminded contributors, learning Markdown Language to improve Get-Help content and many more.

Last but not least, it is never too late to participate in #PoweShell Open Source Projects in GitHub. You might get the chance to be the next Top Contributor to PowerShell Open Source Projects at next #PSHSummit next year.

PowerShell - Open Source Projects - Top Contributor 2017

PowerShell – Open Source Projects – Top Contributor 2017


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