Installing PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility module from PowerShell Gallery

Recently, I have just published a binary PowerShell module written in C# named PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility to PowerShell Gallery. I have always been thinking of a simpler way of viewing server certificate (usually, it will be a web server certificate.) that I am connecting with. Especially, it is not convenient to do so on Server Core when there is no graphical user interface to launch a web browser nor view the the certificate properties.

In these examples below, I will be demonstrating on how to use PowerShell command to install PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility module published in PowerShell Gallery. In most examples, I will execute Get-X509Certificate cmdlet to get the certificate remotely from the specified Uri location and pipeline to Read-X509Certificate cmdlet to generate a human readable output of the certificate properties.

Of course, there are other cmdlets included in this module. You can using the following command below to list the available commands in the module.
PS> Get-Command | Where-Object { $_.Source -eq "PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility" }

If you need help with the cmdlets, use the Get-Help command for examples or parameter explanations like below.
PS> Get-Help Get-X509Certificate -Full

Please be patient for the gif image to load, you can right click to view image or open the image in a new tab to enlarge the image.

Using PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility on Windows 10

Using PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility on MacOS

Using PowerShell.X509Certificate.Utility on Windows Server Core Insider

That is 2017 for me. Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018 tomorrow. Wishes every reader a Happy New Year 2018.