My TechEd 2013 NZ Experience

Finally, Microsoft TechEd 2013 is over. It is my 3rd attendance to Microsoft TechEd 2013 in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. This year focused on Windows Azure, System Center 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and best of all, saying goodbye to Windows XP.

Day 0, I went to register at the TechEd Entrance in the usual place at SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland in the afternoon. I collected my Microsoft TechEd 2013 Full Delegate Pass,a Mini Map Guide (which is very handy when my phone is low on battery life and I can’t access the TechEd website to look at my sessions), a Windows Surface slingbag, an Intergen Water Bottle, a Gen-i Waterproof zip lock pocket (It is one of the most handy item that I need when I go out to sea on a boat for fishing. Thank you, Gen-i.) and my Microsoft TechEd 2013 RFID tag for my wrist (Woohoo!!! It is so useful this year because you get a free bottle of coke each day from the vending machine in the convention centre.).
Returned to office for some work and headed down to SkyCity Theatre for a Partner Connect – A Microsoft Partner Network Evening event for partners. Geeks like me still requires to socialise and we don’t hide behind a monitor all day.

Day 1, it is a mad rush to work. I have to sort out some queries from my junior peers and have to dash straight to the convention centre for the TechEd 2013 KeyNote. The KeyNote is about Windows Azure and the future of data analysis using augmented intelligence from Quid ( After the KeyNote, we moved to the opening reception in the HUB with more booze, drinks and light snacks while roaming around the HUB visiting sponsor booths tagging our RFID tag to answer some prize winning questions that will be drawn on the closing reception. Looking at the 3D Printer and wondering when I can afford to have one to print my house in Auckland that I am hoping for.

Day 2, I turned up at the convention centre for TechEd 2013 for some educational sessions about private cloud architecture with System Center 2013 suite and found it amazing. I jumped to another session about XenApp farm with System Center 2013 suite and wonder about the Citrix Provisioning Server’s future. Of course, there is too much technical sessions to list my thoughts in this blog post which I will avoid for now as I felt so overwhelm with water being a sponge. At the end of the day, I went to the Bar TwentyOne in SkyCity Hotel to attend the Gen-i’s ESC TechEd Party with more finger foods and booze, plus some prize giving.

Day 3, I went for Exchange 2013 Tips and Tricks session, Availability Strategies for a Resilient Private Cloud session and many more. I met some colleagues at the HUB playing Xbox games and got an Intergen 8GB USB for racing a virtual F1 track car. The day passes by so quickly and I rushed to the cowboy theme TechFest at the Viaduct Events Centre for more drinks and fun with “Phoenix Foundation” and “The Adults” bands playing in the background. Geeks do know how to relax and have fun.

Day 4, I struggled to get out of bed and went to convention centre for some sessions and attended a session to say goodbye to Windows XP. By 15:00, the end of TechEd 2013 is here and attended the closing reception in the HUB for the final booze in the convention centre while clapping my hands during the prize giving session for those lucky winners. And I left the convention centre empty handed but with a winning smile for those additional knowledge that I have gained from these few days in Microsoft TechEd 2013.

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