My TechEd 2012 NZ Conclusion Summary

After an intensive 3.5 Days of TechEd NZ 2012, I found out that it was not just all about technical knowledge and what is newly launched from Microsoft. Of course, I have learned a lot about the new Windows Server 2012 and its new Hyper-V capabilities. Therefore, I have to say Windows Server 2012 is really build around improving Hyper-V capabilities, scalability and availability to small, medium and large enterprises. A product that worth investing.

Day 1 of TechEd 2012, I went to the registration booth to receive my Delegate Pass and the RFID wristband. To my surprise, I received a TechEd 2012 Targus backpack, a TechEd 2012 water bottle, a few pens and a mini map. In the afternoon, I went to the opening TechEd 2012 keynote with a crowd of about 2000 delegates. It was amazing to go through the computer technology history that surround our life changing experience. It really causes me to remember the good old days when my mum and dad brought our first new PC into our house that runs on Windows 3.1 which changed my life. Not to forget the guest speaker (Jer Thorp) presenting a new view about data manipulation and presentation. In the evening, I went to our corporate function in celebrating TechEd 2012 launch in a PUB at Queen Street, Auckland.

Day 2 in TechEd 2012 did not just provide the launch of the operating system product, up and coming new technologies such as Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 or SharePoint 2013 and how or why knowledge on the technologies. There were also a lot of fun and games with third party vendor freebies from their booth and Microsoft giveaway freebies to be won. I was tweeting like mad in every session not just for the twitter competition but also using it as a form of taking technical notes for myself.

Day 3 was about rushing to each session and catching up with speakers presentation. Yes, questions and answers were all boiling in my head. I need to ask this and that while I got the chance. I also went down to the HUB for a walk to view those third party vendor booth and collected a few freebies giveaway from them. Interesting stuffs to watch GEEKS rushing around the HUB for freebies. To my surprise, I received a tweet from a speaker that I have won a prize. I went down to the registration booth with my colleague and was told that they were unaware of this. Thoughts ran into my head and I tweeted back with a reply ” Is this real? Not virtual I mean. XD “. My colleague just laughed at me. And guess what? It’s real and both of us went up to the speakers room. I thought it might be a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse but it was the Samsung Series 9 Ultra book. I lost my words when I saw it. It is an awesome prize for me because I never had a personal laptop because I usually get a corporate laptop. I brought it back to my office and everyone were trying to pinch it off me. They were being funny.

In the evening, the TechFest 2012 party incorporated with TechEd 2012 during the week for GEEKS to go out for a party was a blast. One might guess that it will be boring party with mostly GEEKY men? In fact, it is not really true, there were quite a few ladies too.

Day 4 is when I had force myself out of the bed and jump into a morning session for another deep dive into the GEEKY world that I live in. In the afternoon, there were the closing ceremony of TechEd 2012 ending the day with drinks and food.

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To sum everything up, be ready for TechEd 2013 NZ. I will definitely love to attend it again for another deep dive.